Why Nonprofits Now Prize Data Security Training

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Charitable organisations seldom have the cyber security resources of private sector businesses, but secure data is often just as important in the non-profit sector. With confidential donor information and sensitive policy figures, nonprofits are becoming increasingly aware of their cyber security needs. Compounding these factors, non-profit organizations are often faced with limited operational budgets, requiring them to cut unnecessary spending.

Short data science courses are an effective way to bring data security into charities and NGOs. Data training can help professionals improve cyber security within their organisations, adopting best industry practices while staying within a sensible budget.

Are you curious to know why nonprofits are in such need of effective data security training? Keep reading to find out.   

Data Security Helps Nonprofits Ensure Donor Trust

An estimated 71 percent of nonprofits neglect to conduct routine cyber security assessment, and 69 percent lack clear procedures to handle a security breach. In a field built on good will, greater data security helps organisations secure all-important donor trust.

Since donors are typically asked to disclose personal details and credit card information, they might be dissuaded from donating to organisations with lax cyber security. A reputation for safe and secure transactions can help charitable organisations ensure donor trust – and more donations.

 data science online short courses-1Cyber security helps reassure long-term donors as donation procedures are updated

These cyber security measures are increasingly important as nonprofits look to optimise online donation systems. Heightened data security may be communicated through a privacy policy, reassuring donors that all employees and volunteers are committed to the safety of their personal information.  As they continue to collect donor data, organisations will face greater scrutiny over their online practices – an emerging priority for effective non-profit work.

Nonprofits Optimise their Work with Data Security

Cyber security also ensures better work, reducing data mismanagement and hacking risks. Beyond donor information, nonprofits often store crucial information on targeted policy areas. Data security training can help introduce organisations to best practices, ensuring employees are up to speed on the latest security risks. This training can help protect nonprofits from hacking and phishing attempts, many of which target uninformed staff. With a strong cyber culture, research-based nonprofits generate reliable findings to advance their policy missions.

Data security career training helps professionals secure their organisations. This training can also optimise operations, helping nonprofits integrate the latest technologies with greater awareness of security risks. For instance, mastering cyber security basics can help nonprofits maximise cloud and file-sharing platforms for more effective work.

Data Security Training Can Prevent Damage

Nonprofits are often thought to lack the operational budget to match the cyber security of private companies. Yet, a lack of data security training can lead to insurmountable financial damage down the road. From lost business to company damage and even lawsuits, poor security can threaten the long-term survival of charitable organisations. Accordingly, nonprofits are increasingly viewing cyber training as an investment, projecting their mission online and into the future. 

Beyond guarding against worst-case financial scenarios, data security training helps charitable organisations enhance their industry reputation. A secure online culture can attract partnerships with government agencies and other NGOs, assuring partners that projects will be conducted with the utmost care. Strong data security also helps attract the best industry talent, convincing potential staff that both employee and organisation information is stored with the best security practices.

 data security careerStrong cyber security helps nonprofits earn employee trust

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