What’s the impact of AI on social media?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, simply put, how intelligent a machine is. Today, machines have the capabilities to learn, imitate, and even analyse human behaviour. The findings are then used to further improve business where the data can be applied. AI has ushered in a new era for technology and can deliver benefits that were previously unheard of. 

From healthcare to business, AI is transforming the world. One of the more notable fields of action is social media, where brands are gaining more information and users can enjoy more functions. Read on to know more about how AI is being used in social media. 

How is AI being used in social media platforms 

While the use of AI in social media has ethical implications, especially based on privacy concerns, here are some ways it is currently being used: 

Applying Filters: If you’ve used Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., you’re familiar with filters. AI technology is partly responsible for understanding your features and overlaying filters on top.

Social Listening: Perhaps one of the more controversial uses of AI when it comes to social media. AI can accumulate and analyse social data to deliver insights. When this data is acquired, brand managers can use it to understand customer trends, find new target audiences, maintain brand reputation, and track brand mentions, among other things.

Social Media Ads: Thanks to AI, businesses can run and manage paid ads on social media based on demographics and behaviour. In fact, AI tools can even create the ad with visuals and content – you can choose what results you want from the ad, thus pushing your business to greater heights. 

Targeting Misinformation: AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities are also being used to fight hate speech and cyberbullying – additionally, in this sensitive post-COVID era, it is also being used to recognise and target posts that spread false information.

Recommending Posts: Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are using AI to understand the kind of posts that a user would want to be shown for a more personalised experience.  

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Future of AI and social media 

The global AI in social media market is expected to reach $50.41 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 25.7%.  

One of the more prominent areas where AI is expected to flourish in the realm of social media is customer relationship management (CRM). Through instant messaging and chatbots, AI can help enhance consumer experience as it helps reduce wait time and directs users to the right solutions. 

The use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) will also help brands and companies understand users better, increasing convenience and reducing areas of friction.  

Most recently, the use of haptic (touch-based) feedback has been recognised for its influence in persuasive marketing – being able to touch a product can increase willingness to purchase. Companies are now looking into introducing haptics into their content, which is also expected to make its way to social media platforms. 

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