What You Can Expect When You Enrol in Data Science Short Courses

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Investing your time and financial resources into professional development training is a major decision, and you want to be sure that your time and effort will pay off and help you advance your career. Knowing what to expect from your training course will help you be as prepared as possible to take advantage of the learning opportunity it presents.

Professional development training for data science is no different. We’ve compiled an overview of what you can expect to gain from these courses at the Southampton Data Science Academy upon enrolment so that you can begin your professional development experience confident, equipped, and well-informed. 

Engage With a Variety of Learning Formats in Data Science Short Courses

Southampton courses are delivered 100% online over the course of six weeks. This online delivery, however, is far from one-note. The Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course is facilitated on the Jupyter web platform through a wide range of instruction and learning formats that appeal to students of many learning types. Students complete hands-on work online, starting with preliminary Python exercises and moving into data science work in week three. Participants will also engage with presentations, video tutorials, and reading exercises, all of which are a mix of taught and self-study materials to foster a balance between autonomous learning and instructor support.

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Take in a multimedia learning experience at the Southampton Data Science Academy

Get Expert Support as You Pursue a Career in Data Science

Southampton data science short courses are developed by accomplished computer science, web research, and software engineering professors whose areas of expertise put them at the forefront of data science research. The Professor-led Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course is structured to ensure that students have access to tutoring support and feedback in a manner that is accommodating of students with varying skill-sets throughout the course. The first week of the course, for example, includes a Python Primer activity for those who are less familiar with the programming language or who want to brush up on their skills. With qualified and dedicated instruction, you can be confident that you are learning the right tools in the most skilful way.

Study Data Science Online to Attain Fundamental, Certified Skills and Knowledge

Perhaps the most important factor when you study data science online is that your new-found skills and knowledge will be both useful to and recognised by employers. While students perform a number of ungraded practice exercises, certain pieces of coursework are awarded grades that are indicated on a transcript upon course completion. This demonstrates that you have completed a rigorous, structured program (and can allow you to show off your best grades, too). The Southampton Fundamentals of Data Science course is also CPD-certified, and students are awarded a Certificate of Completion when they finish the course. This certificate serves as an official acknowledgement that students have met the courses designated learning outcomes, including the ability to understand key concepts in data science, explain and implement data collection and management, and familiarity with statistics and machine learning, and more.

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Show employers that your professional expertise has an unshakeable data science foundation

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