What to Look for In Data Science Fundamentals Courses

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Whether you are seeking resources for your own professional development or aiming to upgrade the skill set of your employees, there are many considerations that come into play when choosing a fundamentals of data science course.

Naturally, you are the best person to identify a course that aligns with your specific needs and goals. However, there are some characteristics that the most suitable options for those looking for serious data science instruction usually share.

Keep reading for a brief overview of what you should look for when searching for the perfect data science course for your personal or team development objectives.

Data Science Fundamentals Courses Should be Led by Industry Leaders

A high quality learning experience is only possible with the guidance of an experienced, knowledgeable instructor. For those choosing between professional development data science courses, information about who will be leading the course and how the learning materials were developed can be very valuable.

best data science course.jpgInstructors who are leaders in their field can help you reach new career heights

The Southampton Data Science Academy’s courses are developed by leading academics and researchers at the University of Southampton, indicating that the course material is inspired by timely research that is not only in line with current industry standards, but is helping to set them.

Professor Elena Simperl, for instance, who is the current course lead of The Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course, has done extensive research work into the intersection between knowledge technologies and crowd computing. Other course tutors are also deeply involved in the pioneering work at the Southampton Data Science Academy.

The Best Data Science Course for a Professional is CPD-Certified

Another strong indicator of course quality is Continued Professional Development (CPD) certification. CPD Certification is granted to accredit courses and professional development activities in the UK that meet a strict standard of quality and industry relevance.

A CPD-certified training course will be the best data science course for an individual or team that wants to know their education is tailored to developing relevant knowledge and in-demand skills that will provide measurable benefits to their careers.

What’s more, CPD Certification is allocated by an impartial team of experienced CPD Assessors, which means their seal of approval is legitimate and standardised. The Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course at Southampton is CPD Certified, making it a reliable opportunity for prospective students and employers alike.  

Career-Friendly Courses Allow You to Learn Data Science Online

If a course is meant to provide professional development opportunities to its students, it should be structured to accommodate their existing career demands. If it is not, this may be cause for concern that the course is not the best fit for those looking to use what they learned on the data science fundamentals courses for immediate professional purposes.

data science fundamentals courses.jpgAn online course works with your schedule, letting you study anytime from anywhere

Online courses are an exceptionally career-friendly option among professional development courses. By eliminating the need to relocate to a campus setting, students are able to study from wherever is most convenient for them, minimising the disruption to their career and productivity.

These courses are also generally scheduled in a way that allows students to fit their studies into their busy professional lives. Southampton’s courses, for instance, are offered entirely online with 60 hours of instruction and coursework over a 6 week period. With this method of delivery, structure, and work distribution, students on Southampton’s Data Science Academy courses can further their careers without having to put their current work on hold.

Still comparing your options?

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