Want to Study Data Science for Marketing? Why Personalisation Matters in the Digital Age


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Marketers that use data science can ensure nobody is dismissed as another face in the crowd

The wealth of data available to businesses and marketers today is astounding in quantity and detail, allowing for remarkably granular views into the minds and preferences of individual consumers. It's such that many, consumers and marketers alike, are questioning the execution of fundamental notions like sales and messaging. When we know that everyone has different tastes and desires, does selling to everyone in the same manner no longer make sense? Might a more personalised approach net a better return?

The answer, increasingly, is yes. Personalisation is fast becoming a preferred approach to marketing all kinds of goods and services, and by learning to apply data science to this pursuit, marketers can achieve tremendous results that would not otherwise be possible.

Here's a closer look at why personalisation is so important today.

Many Consumers Want to Trade Information for Convenience

According to Salesforce's State of the Consumer report, the majority of today's consumers are willing to exchange personal data for convenience like personalised discounts, shopping experiences, and recommendations. Those businesses that can capitalise are likely to attract consumer bases that are loyal and enthusiastic about the brand. Those that do not are likely to miss out on a large segment of the population that prioritises expediency.

Effective personalisation is only possible, however, through the collection and analysis of data. Good data science can be used to sort potential consumers according to their interests, send individual consumers special offers relevant to their browsing activity on a business's website, and much more. It's for this reason that many experienced marketers now believe that the future of the field will depend upon finding the best ways to use the raw information created by consumers.

You can study data science for marketing Consumers want convenience that data science can deliver

Knowledge Gained through Data Science Courses Can Help Draw More Consumers to Stores

It's tough for physical stores to compete with the convenience of online shopping, and this is only compounded when digital marketing experts use the power of data science to deliver tailored experiences to users on the web. In the face of this competition, businesses that hope to attract customers to their physical locations will likely need to draw on the power of data science themselves to make shopping the kind of experience that is too good to be ignored.

For professionals who decide to study data science for marketing, the possibilities for innovations in this area are numerous. Establishing rewards programs, for instance, can help retailers track in-store purchase patterns. Other approaches, like integrating mobile checkout into the in-store shopping experience or using sensors to track when an item of clothing is being tried on in a fitting room could further connect the real with the digital. From this data, it would be straightforward to create special deals or events in keeping with observed trends and personal buying histories. For marketers and businesses with ambition, there's much to be gained by exploring data science in this way.

data science online short courses Data science can be used by marketers to improve the in-store experience

Study Data Science for Marketing & You Could Transform Customer Relations

Any marketer worth their salt will recognise the importance of public perception toward a brand. Similarly, they will appreciate that there is a need for good customer service to promote favourable perception. Using data to personalise customer service could therefore be an excellent demonstration of the value professionals who study data science online can deliver.

A good data scientist could help create near-instant access to a consumer's entire purchase history with the business. They might also help create systems to provide local service agents with access to regional or even national stock lists – useful information for in-store shoppers – or to open up new and more efficient options for communication with a consumer across their preferred channels. All of these tools depend on a business's ability to collect and analyse data, and all could be used to great effect to position a business as a destination for superior service.

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