Top 10 LinkedIn groups for data science professionals

LinkedIn groups provide opportunities to engage with professionals who share common interests, skills, experiences, industry affiliations and ambitions. They allow you to contact a large number of people and potential employers based all over the world, helping you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools and techniques of your profession. 

Run a search and you’ll see that there are well over 5,000 data science groups on LinkedIn. These range from general groups covering all aspects of big data, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security and blockchain, to specialist groups focused on more tightly-defined aspects such as machine learning, business intelligence (BI) or analytics.  

Clearly, you cannot effectively engage and promote yourself on hundreds of different groups, so it makes sense to browse the descriptions of groups that catch your eye and see if the posts are relevant to you. You should be able to learn something new, have discussions about problems or workplace challenges you might be facing and see interaction from people in roles or organisations that resonate with you.

To get you started, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 most popular data science groups available, listed by size of membership. 

Big Data and Analytics (534K members) 

Rated in the top 10 LinkedIn groups for business influence. Group members are encouraged to create, contribute and share quality articles to this global community. Topics include data collection, data distribution, data visualisation, data mining, data warehousing, data management systems, data reporting, data analysis, data processing, data science, data governance, AI, BI, Machine Learning, blockchain, robotic process, automation. 

Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence & Visualization Experts Community (471K members) 

A premier community for both existing expert professionals and companies researching the convergence of big data analytics and discovery, Hadoop, data warehousing, cloud, unified data architectures, digital marketing, visualization and BI. Brings together stakeholder communities across industry, enterprises, academic, and government sectors representing all of those with interests in big data and visualisation techniques, technologies, and applications. 

Big Data, Data Science, AI, IoT, Cyber Security & Blockchain (461K members) 

A community that evolves with big data, analytics, machine learning, data science, AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, and cloud security. Offers discussion on anything which involves a lot of data, such as data collection, data distribution, data visualisation, data mining, data warehousing, data management systems, data reporting, data analysis, data processing, data science, data governance.

Data Science Central (452K members) 

Co-founded by Vincent Granville and part of the community, this group’s focus is on data science, machine learning, AI, deep learning, dataviz, business analytics, predictive modelling, big data, Hadoop, IoT, decision science, and BI. 

Business Analyst Professional - BA, Analysis, Data Analyst, Data Scientist (304K members) 

Claims to be the largest business analyst group on LinkedIn, a place where analysts can organise together, share modelling techniques, discuss latest trends, network for job opportunities and manage their network more efficiently with like minded professionals.  

Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, AI, Machine Learning & Data Science (303K members) 

This is a group for data mining and statistical professionals who wish to expand their network of people and share ideas. Methodological issues are fair game, as well as discussion of software (SAS, R, WEKA, etc), technology (Hadoop, relational databases, etc) conferences, and job postings.   

Data Scientists (181K members) 

Data Scientists is the facilitating group for efficient application of modern mathematics, scientific method, leading edge technology and sustainable business strategy. Evolve your data science practices for the new digital data era. Solve problems and create products for a technologically driven sustainable future. 

Data Science Community (130K members) 

Provides a forum to share high quality articles (long reads, cases studies, coding tutorials), opportunities, learnings and best practices, discussing ideas, tools and frameworks. 

Data Warehouse Developers Group (119K members) 

A group for people to connect with other professionals involved with the following: data warehouse, big data, BI, cloud computing, data warehousing, data science. 

KDnuggets Data Science & Machine Learning (116K members) 

A leading site on data science, machine learning, AI and analytics. Edited by Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets was founded by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro. KD stands for Knowledge Discovery. You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter. 

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