Top data science events for 2022 and 2023

More and more companies are realising the value of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

In order to remain competitive in the age of big data regardless of the industry or size, organisations need to develop and use data science capabilities or face the risk of being left behind.  

Take Netflix, for example. As one of the major players in the content industry, Netflix used insights from its 100 million+ users to predict and influence over 80% of content watched by subscribers. 

With data science in the mix, organisations have, of course, needed to ramp up the competition. But they’ve also formed a community, sharing developments and best practice around the world.  

Data science events, workshops and conferences bring experts and enthusiasts together to exchange knowledge, ideas, and feedback. Gain first-hand information and network with likeminded people. 

Top 5 data science events and conferences you should sign up for 2022/2023 


1. Global Conference on Data Analytics, Data Science and Big Data  

Date: 26th-27th October 2022 

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates  


The theme for this year’s data science week 2022 is ‘Shaping the Present and Future of Data Science’. This conference, held in Dubai, offers interactive sessions, expert talks and meetings organized by United Research Forum, and committee experts from international universities.  


2. BDA (Big Data Analytics)  

Date: 9th November 2022 

Location: Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London, United Kingdom 


This is the UK’s premier big data analytics event, connecting leading names within big data, machine learning, analytics and the data space. BDA caters to all levels and disciplines, with one-on-one discussions between industry-leading experts.  


3. ODSC East 2023 

Date: 9th-11th May 2023 

Location: Boston Hynes Convention, Boston 


Choose from in-person or online session tickets to the largest applied machine learning conference, split across three days (with an extra day for a mini boot camp). Explore the talks, training and workshops to accelerate your knowledge in machine learning and network with other enthusiasts.  


4. International Conference on Statistics and Data Science 2023 

Date: 16th-17th January 2023 

Location: Zurich, Switzerland 


Enjoy a range of valuable events held at this conference with other for students, academics and industry leaders. You can expect to learn more about all aspects of statistics and data science. 


5. Big Data Conference Europe 

Date: 23rd-24th November 

Location: Online 


Including technical talks in the fields of big data, high load, data science, machine learning and AI, this online conference will bring together developers, IT professionals and users to share their experiences and successes.  

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