The Importance of Machine Learning in Data Science Short Courses

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From fraud detection to Netflix recommendations, machine learning is changing the way people interact with digital platforms. Among the most influential of data science methodologies, machine learning uses data algorithms to make predictive decisions. These data-driven platforms require the expertise of data scientists, who develop high-performing algorithms to trace patterns and predict future behaviours.

Top data science schools prepare students to maximize the many opportunities of machine learning, encouraging them to consider how it might improve their current and future work. With applications ranging from search fraud detection to natural language processing, understanding machine learning is a crucial outcome of data science short courses.

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Machine Learning Strategies Make Data Scientists Employable

Market demand for data scientists has soared with the proliferation of digital and internet platforms. Among the most common uses of data science expertise, machine learning helps businesses of all sizes improve their products and online services.

This need is now reflected in employment figures. Collecting user data between 2012 and 2017, LinkedIn recently listed machine learning jobs as the fastest growing employment stream in the US – with a 2017 job total 9.8 times greater than the 2012 sum. While the US still leads the world in machine learning employment, Europe is expected to continue catching up in 2018.

Leading data science courses are helping their students become more employable with machine learning expertise by offering everything from general introductory courses to field-specific training. Employers are increasingly keen on incorporating these skills into their workforce in order to secure better industry standing for their organisations.

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Machine Learning Expertise Maximises Existing Opportunities

Many professionals also turn to data science short courses to enhance their skills within their current position or organisational role. Machine learning helps businesses reach sound conclusions faster, allowing for data-based decisions in all-important areas like security, marketing, and customer experience. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, data-driven decisions made top-third businesses up to 5 percent more productive and 6 percent more profitable.

Data science training makes professionals more valuable – especially as their organisations implement data to improve decisions previously made by employees. Top data science courses help students determine how machine learning expertise could help with the duties and position they currently hold. This expertise prepares professionals to take on greater challenges and responsibilities, aligning personal career objectives with their company’s adoption of new data solutions.

Data Science Short Courses Offer a Range of Machine Learning Applications 

Data science training introduces students to a range of current and future machine learning applications, connecting them to an expanding field of artificial intelligence. In healthcare, machine learning algorithms are helping medical professionals detect patterns based on a wealth of information. In one case, computer assisted diagnosis (CAD) was credited with spotting 52% of cancers on past mammography scans up to a year before women were actually diagnosed.

For professionals hoping to study data science for marketing, machine learning is increasingly used to personalise online advertising, customer email messages and promotions – all of which help consumers connect with sought-after products.  

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Among its exciting future applications, machine learning will likely gain even greater importance with the internet of things. For instance, these algorithms could help customise smart care interiors, with predictive data sets suited to each driver. Studying data science prepares students to take full advantage of current and future machine learning applications, helping them plan careers around some of the world’s most exciting technological developments.

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