Top 10 data breaches of 2018

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 07-Jan-2019 09:33:50
By Bogi Szalacsi - Senior Associate - infoNation In 2018 global companies seemed to be plagued by data breaches on a weekly basis, it seemed no sector escaped. Governments, airlines, hotel chains, healthcare and social media were equally targeted and the number of people affected worldwide was in the billions. The vulnerability of our personal data doesn't seem to be improving with the years, in fact it appears to be spinning out of control. Yesterday's "Big Data" is today's not-so-big data and the amount of personal data stored by corporations is mind boggling. While it's now practically impossible for anyone to live off the grid and not provide personal data for even the most basic everyday needs, in 2018 our data was less secure than ever before. So what can you and your organisation do to protect data and customer confidence? Do your new year's resolutions include a better management of your valuable customer data? Why not take advantage of our promotion to sign up for data security courses with the Southampton Data Science Academy. The SDSA, part of the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton - a leader in the fields of web and data science - offers several online courses in the area of data security.
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Reasons to Study Data Science Online Instead of in a Classroom

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 23-Aug-2017 11:43:00
Online professional development courses can offer all the benefits of a classroom-based course There is no doubt that online education is becoming increasingly popular. However, for the ambitious professional, the question remains: Is an online course right for me? When it comes to professional development training in data science, odds are, the answer is “Yes!” While it may seem that the more traditional classroom environment would present benefits that cannot be replicated in a digital format, online courses actually can offer all the key features of a classroom programme, plus additional important perks. We’ve put together three important reasons why you should experience the benefits of studying data science online rather than in a classroom. 
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Inside Southampton's Data Science Training Course: Learn What Our Grads Think

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 02-Aug-2017 11:43:00
Participants got a lot out of Southampton Data Science Academy’s programme When you are seeking professional development training, it is important to know that you are getting real value for your time and money, and one of the most reliable ways of doing this is to find out what previous participants thought of the course.
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Step into the Career of the Future with Online Data Science Training

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 04-Jul-2017 11:43:00
  Learn how online training can provide vital data science skills As our society continues to be rapidly transformed by technological innovations, disruptive changes to established business models across global industries are causing significant shifts to employment patterns. Some of the occupations and specialties that are in highest demand today didn't even exist five years ago. The World Economic Forum recently highlighted one job type that stands out for the frequency and consistency it has been mentioned across practically all industries and geographies as being critically important: data analyst.
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