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Learn how online training can provide vital data science skills

As our society continues to be rapidly transformed by technological innovations, disruptive changes to established business models across global industries are causing significant shifts to employment patterns. Some of the occupations and specialties that are in highest demand today didn't even exist five years ago. The World Economic Forum recently highlighted one job type that stands out for the frequency and consistency it has been mentioned across practically all industries and geographies as being critically important: data analyst.

Careers in data science and analysis address the demands of our increasingly data-driven world, helping organisations make sense and derive valuable insights from the massive volume of structured and unstructured data that is constantly accumulated. Business leaders understand that there is vast potential in leveraging big data to make better decisions, but finding the talent with these capabilities is proving difficult.


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Data Science professionals help organisations make better decisions

Data science is a young and quickly growing field that many have called the best job in today's market and the career of the future. While the career path is so new that it can be challenging to find the necessary education, the world-leading Data Science team at the University of Southampton is uniquely qualified to provide effective industry-focused training. With the Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) online course, students can dramatically improve their understanding of data science principles in only 60  hours over 6 weeks.

The Increasing Importance of Data Science Training

 The world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, a figure that continues to grow as companies expand their capabilities to collect all types of detailed information on their users. The vast majority of this generated data can't be effectively analysed with traditional tools and so require specialists to manage it and achieve actionable insights for their employers. With an abundance of job opportunities and lucrative compensation, recruiting site Glassdoor recently gave "data scientist" its top job score and career opportunity ranking.

The Unique Advantages of Acquiring the Fundamentals of Data Science from Southampton Data Science Academy

The University of Southampton ranks among the top 1% of universities internationally and is home to innovative research organisations like the Web Science Institute (WSI), one of the world's leaders in pioneering internet and data research. The WSI has created the Southampton Data Science Academy (SDSA) to bridge the data skills gap in this exciting tech industry.

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Fundamentals of Data Science is the ideal introduction to this in-demand career path

The first course to be offered by the SDSA is in Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) equipping students with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills they’ll need to apply important insights from data to their work. Whether you're looking to acquire this in-demand skill-set yourself or update your employees' skills for your data-driven business challenges, the flexible structure and interactive approach to the online training is expertly designed to help students unlock the hidden value of data. The programme is also CPD certified, so professionals can be assured that if offers plenty of practical training they can apply to their daily work.

It's the ideal way for learners from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds to strengthen their knowledge in this burgeoning sector, emphasising a hands-on approach to collecting, storing, managing and presenting data. WSI's world renowned expertise has already transformed how data is collected, integrated, and converted into evidence-based decision making; now the SDSA's exclusively designed data science training is providing the career foundations to thrive in the emerging digital and information economy. 

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