Inside Southampton's Data Science Training Course: Learn What Our Grads Think

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When you are seeking professional development training, it is important to know that you are getting real value for your time and money, and one of the most reliable ways of doing this is to find out what previous participants thought of the course.

Because of the wide-reaching relevance of data science training, the Southampton Data Science Academy attracts both individual professionals and organisations from a variety of different sectors, including financial services, information technology, and government offices.

Read on to find out what some of our recent participants got from our CPD certified Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course.

Southampton Data Science Academy Provides Up-to-Date Data Science Training

In a relatively new, evolving field like data science, things can change quickly, and it’s important to ensure that your training is in line with current best practices. The Southampton Data Science Academy strives to ensure that our courses are as up-to-date as possible, utilising common data science technologies such as Python, NodeJS, and MongoDB.

Here’s what an analyst from QBE Insurance had to say about this aspect of the course: 

“I was very happy to see the more modern languages and tools being used in the course as these are the industry standard.”

This current approach can also be useful for organisations looking to familiarise their staff with new working methods. Ordnance Survey found the programme particularly helpful, with one Technical Consultant saying:

“The course came at the perfect time as we were starting to move from SQL to NoSQL, so this element of the course was very interesting and I learnt a lot that will help.”

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Data science training helps organisations familiarise staff with the latest technologies

Choosing to Study Data Science Online Can Really Benefit Your Career

More and more professionals in a number of fields are finding that data science is becoming necessary in their daily work, and data science training can be crucial in helping to bridge any gaps in your current knowledge of the area.

For Shop Direct’s Digital Insight Analyst, the programme provided a number of valuable insights:

 “As I’m mostly self-taught, this course has made me aware of the gaps in my knowledge. I’ve been able to start thinking how I can put these new skills to use in my own work, including bringing in other data sets, using web scraping tools, and validating outputs.”

This knowledge can also open up exciting new possibilities for your career. Data scientists are in demand in different sectors, and completing a specialised qualification can greatly increase your chances of landing a lucrative position.

One of our participants, a statistician from the Office of National Statistics, summed it up best:  

 “If I was applying for a Data Science job, I’d want this on my CV.”

Online Data Science Training Offers Businesses Real Flexibility

For businesses, getting the professional development training your employees need without putting a strain on your resources can be difficult. The Southampton Data Science Academy’s flexible programme can be completed entirely online in just 40 hours, minimising its impact on your productivity.

Here’s what a Data and Systems Architect at ARUP had to say about this approach:

 “The flexible model of the course lets us balance staff training alongside our commitments to our clients.”

Of course, choosing to study data science online does not mean that participants learn in isolation. Through its sophisticated online learning platform, Southampton Data Science Academy provides a host of support materials, as well as personal seminars with tutors to ensure participants get the help they need with challenging coursework.

One Statistician from The Office of National Statistics said:

“The online platform was easy to use and intuitive with course dates, requirements, deadlines etc very clear and in one place; a great infrastructure!”

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