How Data Security Training Could Help Keep Your Business Safe

Close up of keyboardRecent events have highlighted the importance of cyber security. 2017 saw organisations as diverse as Facebook, Equifax, and the NHS suffer large-scale data breaches, highlighting the need for more effective provisions in a number of sectors. Data risks are not solely the concern of larger organisations, either, with an estimated 34% of all 'spear phishing' hacks targeting small business through simple email and spam channels.

With cyber attacks on the rise for businesses of all sizes, experts are increasingly recommending data security training at all levels of the corporate ladder. Since breaches can come from anywhere within an organisation, they are best prevented when all employees remain informed and vigilant.

Are you curious to know how data security training keeps businesses safe? Keep reading to find out.

Security Training Protects Companies from Increased Data Risk

Most hacking cases come down to human error and the 'vanishing perimeter', which refers to the porous cyber security boundaries of the personal computer age. Between laptops, smart phones and the internet of things, organisations find it increasingly difficult to draw a security 'perimeter'.

To minimise risks, businesses are not only forbidding the use of private devices for company work, but also training employees to maintain the security of company devices. Since the greatest hacking target is an uninformed employee, data security training can diminish cyber risks dramatically. Businesses may also help employees avoid these hazards by educating them on social media risks, safe personal device use, and basic hacking techniques.

Man with laptop

Hackers can prey successfully on a single uninformed employee

Data Security Training Sessions Help Businesses Cope with Evolving Threats

Threats to data security are constantly changing. Safe businesses will not only educate their employees on cyber security basics, but regularly update them on the best practices for data protection. These practices can be as simple as creating strong passwords, locking computers and reporting suspicious online activity.

Since uninformed employees expose entire organisations, safe businesses should also consider conducting regular refresher sessions. With quick training sessions every month, a business can introduce new data security information and consolidate established practices. The Infosec Institute notes that monthly sessions increase the retention of data security information by up to 80% over a yearly equivalent. These sessions also establish an important relationship between employees and IT staff, which will greatly benefit an organisation in the event of a security breach.

Effective data protection programmes will further help you to manage these risks, allowing your employees to understand the security architecture of your organisation and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Data Security Training Forges a Secure and Appealing Work Culture

By helping you develop a united front against external risks, data security training can allow you to forge a stronger work culture. Online training sessions like those offered by Southampton Data Science Academy can even double as team-building exercises across different departments and managerial levels.

Colleagues gathered around a computer

Prioritising data security can create unity in the workplace

A business that prepares for these risks will foster the confidence of its employees, reassuring them against the personal consequences of data breaches. Security training also projects strength to customers, who are more likely to conduct business with an organisation that will safely store data. Thus, investing in training will not only protect your company against breaches, but also help you gain the continued trust of both employees and customers.

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