How Data Science and Analytics Training is Transforming Marketing

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Marketing is one of the many sectors finding new and innovative uses for data science

The growth and development of the marketing industry in the last decade, especially with respect to digital marketing, has transformed the way products and services are promoted and sold. More companies and organisations than ever rely on social media, SEO, digital advertising, and all of the analytical processes that come alongside these tools, in order to build brand awareness and acquire new customers. Despite all of these changes, however, the marketing transformation is still ongoing.

Data science has made it possible to take a scientific, computational approach to data gathering, organisation, and analysis, which in turn has allowed marketers to build strategies and campaigns on an objective and testable data-driven foundation. Training in data science is the first step to making sure that you and your organisation stay at the forefront of marketing’s latest metamorphosis.

Change the Dynamics of Your Marketing Team When You Become a Data Scientist

The increasing popularity of data science training has made data scientists, and marketing professionals trained in the Fundamentals of Data Science, a staple of the modern marketing team—some organisations have actually developed entire data science teams to drive their marketing efforts! Institutionalising the role of data science in your marketing team helps improve the data literacy of the entire team, and encourages decision-making that is grounded in organised and tangible information.

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Data science training is changing the composition and focus of marketing teams

The Fundamentals of Data Science Makes Testing More Powerful

Most marketers have a process for testing the effectiveness of creative materials and campaigns, generally in the form of A/B testing. Individuals who have received data science and analytics training are in a better position to develop more detailed, informative tests with statistical merit. This allows marketers to gain a better understanding of how different marketing variables interact with each other, thus making testing more meaningful for strategic development.

Your Targeting Can Become More Precise With Data Science and Analytics Training

Perhaps the most important contribution of data science to marketing is the ability to take targeting to new heights of precision. When you become a data scientist, you gain the skills to serve as a channel between “big data”—the ever-increasing amount of information generated by digital transactions, interactions, and processes—and the frontline needs of your marketing team.

The CPD-certified Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course offered by the Southampton Data Science Academy teaches professionals essential tools and scripts for data management in order to most effectively combine data sources for insightful analysis. These skills make it easier to target your customers in incredibly specific ways. For instance, a well-structured and managed database of demographic information, purchasing times, and customer feedback can be used to identify exactly who might purchase your product, when this is most likely, and why this person is likely to complete (or abandon) their transaction.

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A Southampton-trained data scientist can help organisations improve their targeting

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