Fundamentals of Data Science (Non-Technical)

Gain valuable insights and a real-world approach to data

In today’s increasingly data-driven global economy, it’s an asset to any organisation to have someone with the skills to effectively apply the power of data science to their everyday work.

This industry-leading flexible online course will introduce you to the dynamic field of data science, and equip you with the theoretical knowledge and both the practical and technical skills you need to work more effectively with data.

 The 6-week online and interactive Fundamentals of Data Science (Non-Technical) course will enable you to understand:

  • The process of data science, from data-gathering to visualisation.
  • How data science is changing the way we tell stories.
  • How to effectively work with live data and understand the opportunities presented by cloud services.
  • The challenges and opportunities arising from utilising data science within your organisation.

Register your interest now and excel in your career by being able to apply a real-world approach to data to your everyday work.  


"I’m already now starting to look at data analysis around career architecture in the businesses. This is around our reward mechanisms. Before it would have been a whole series of clunky spreadsheets. I’ve now learned some tools that will help both analyse it better and visualise it better for communication to the business." 

HR Business Partner, Ordnance Survey