Considering a Career in Data Science? Why the Future is Bright for this Profession

[July 18] study data science online.jpgPursue a career in data science and get excited about what your future holds in store

With high demand for qualified professionals and lucrative salaries available, there is no mystery why data science has become one of the most talked about and aspirational career fields over the last few years.

However, if these factors have piqued your interest in a data science career, you may still be wondering whether these opportunities will be sustainable in the long term. After all, pursuing professional development training is a serious investment that you do not want to make over a short-lived employment trend.

Fortunately, there are many indicators that data science has a promising future for you to look forward to. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities for progression and growth that come with a career in data science, and how professional development training in the subject can make these opportunities accessible to you.

Study Data Science Online to Contribute to New Uses and Applications

Growth in the demand for data scientists is partially motivated by technological developments that are not likely to slow down anytime soon. In particular, new data sources continue to increase the potential effects of data science, as well as the number and type of organisations interested in employing a data team.

For example, the “internet of things” holds great potential for data mining, modelling, and analysis, as these connected devices offer an entire realm of sensor-generated data that has yet to be tapped. AI and machine learning applications of data science are also of increasing interest to many, with widespread potential for use in a wide variety of sectors in the future.

[July 18] data science short courses.jpgWith developing fields like artificial intelligence, data science is not going anywhere

Increasing Specialisation within Data Science Means Room for Growth

As more and more industries and sectors find use for data science and teams get larger, areas of organisational or subject expertise may become increasingly sought-after by those hiring data scientists. This is important for two reasons. First, for those who want to pursue training and study data science online in order to switch careers, this means that there may be a place in your new data science career for the knowledge and expertise you have gained in your working life thus far. Secondly, regardless of your career path prior to pursuing data science, a demand for specialists can help you establish further career development goals as you gain experience as a data scientist, helping you continue to learn as you work and avoid stagnation and complacency.

A Career in Data Science Comes with High Satisfaction and Fulfilment

While a high salary and good employment prospects are key considerations for any career field, these factors will mean a lot less if you do not enjoy your job or find it satisfying. So far, feedback from professionals suggests that this is not often a problem for someone with a career in data science. In 2016, a Glassdoor list (based on employee ratings and feedback) ranked data scientist as the “best job in America” with a high satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5.

[July 18] career in data science.jpgData scientists report very high levels of job satisfaction

On a similar note, a recent study by AI firm CrowdFlower suggests that more than 90% of data scientists are happy doing their jobs, while almost 50% are thrilled. Furthermore, while there are certainly some aspects of a data scientist’s job that are more compelling than others, the CrowdFlower study showed that the critical importance of even the smallest tasks makes data science work engaging and satisfying for its practitioners.

A long-term, engaging, and important career is just around the corner.

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