4 Signs You’re a Great Fit to Study Data Science Online

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You’ve heard the buzz about data science – data is on the rise, skills are in high demand, and new positions are constantly being created. However, it may not be so clear how you can take advantage of these circumstances to further your career.

Fortunately, there are a lot of common characteristics among those who are successful in data science roles. Continue reading for indicators that pursuing professional development training in data science could be the right step forward for you and your career.

1. A Background in Maths Would Make Becoming a Data Scientist Easier

Data science, at its most fundamental level, is a quantitative discipline. A solid background in maths – particularly statistics – is a valuable asset for individuals interested in data science.

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A solid mathematical foundation eases the transition into data science

Statistical knowledge is useful to data scientists for its technical applications, but also because it helps you think like a data scientist. For example, data scientists must be skilled at defining and controlling for different variables, which is a key mathematical skill. If you have an academic background in maths or statistics, or are currently working in a quantitative role, then the material covered when you study data science online may come to you quite naturally.

2. You Have a Knack for Big-Picture Business Analytics and Decision-Making

Part of the reason that data science is such a lucrative field is that it requires professionals who not only have advanced technical skills, but who know how to apply these skills in a manner that aligns with the goals of their organisation and helps with key performance indicator (KPI) measurement.

If you have thrived in roles in which you have analysed large amounts of information to make predictions that have resulted in good business decisions, then completing data science short courses could be an excellent way for you to take this aptitude to the next level.

3. You Work in a Sector Where Data Science Short Courses Are Valuable

There is hardly any sector that could be said to have no use for a data scientist. However, there are certain sectors where data is particularly important, and where training in data science would be seen as an especially valuable asset.

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Study data science online and impress your employer with data-driven solutions

For instance, you could be working for a marketing firm that is trying to develop more precise targeting capabilities, or in a medical technology organisation that wants to better understand patterns among its patients. From positions like these, pursuing professional development training in data science would help you show employers that you are motivated to bring value to your organisation, and that you now have the practical skills required to contribute more meaningfully to organisational goals.

4. You Have Computer Science or Software Engineering Experience

Computer science and programming expertise is very amenable to data science. First off, data science training often requires at least some programming knowledge. The Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) course offered at Southampton, for instance, asks that students have a “decent understanding of programming” and recommends experience with Python or a similar language.

Secondly, the systems-level perspective that comes with software engineering experience and many computer programming roles is essential for data scientists. If you have practise building solutions to problems at a structural level, you may find these skills applicable in your data science training.

If you have foundational skills that are easily transferable to data science, or if you have professional experience that would be even more impactful if data-driven, then you have everything to gain by studying data science online.

Are the signs pointing you toward becoming a data scientist?

Contact Southampton Data Science Academy to find out how our online courses can get you there.

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