4 Productivity-Maximising Pointers to Get Your Employees Through Data Analyst Online Training

(sept 20) data analyst online training.jpgA proactive approach to professional development training will help your organisation stay on course

If you have decided to enrol your employees in online data science training, then you are already on track to developing a better equipped workforce that will be in a position to work more effectively and efficiently toward your organisation’s objectives. However, in the short-term, professional development training can increase the burden on your employees, which can affect their work if not addressed.

Fortunately, there are many different productivity tricks that can help your employees and your organisation stay on track and make the most of this training period. In our latest blog post, we outline a few of these pointers for those with employees undergoing online data science training.

Communicate Expectations Before Your Employees Study Data Science Online

Whether your employee has decided to pursue training of their own volition, or you suggested the initiative yourself, it is important to meet with them before they begin to clearly outline your mutual expectations. This meeting can allow you both to discuss what you hope will come of the data science training – perhaps you need your employee to develop particular skills, or they are hoping to qualify for a promotion.

You can also discuss guidelines as to how to schedule training so it will not affect your organisation’s work. For instance, you can ascertain whether or not your employees have allotted sufficient time to study and if they have a reasonable approach to balancing their coursework with the demands of their career. Communication can help your employees set effective goals and manage their time wisely, a key factor in improving and maintaining productivity.

(sept 20) data science short courses.jpgCommunicate with your employees during data science training for optimal time management

Plan Major Projects Around Your Employees’ Online Training Schedule

With the above discussion behind you, you will be in a better position to plan your employees’ projects and workflow as they complete their data science short courses. If possible, obtain a copy of the syllabus or schedule for the data science course. This will allow you to identify any particularly heavy coursework weeks, such as those with an exam or project deadline, and avoid scheduling major work deadlines at the same time.

If possible, you could also look to offer your employees some flexibility in their work schedule during their training. Courses at the Southampton Data Science Academy are flexible in that coursework is divided up on a weekly basis, allowing students to complete it in a manner that fits their schedule. Adding some additional flexibility on your end – for instance, allowing a few hours to accommodate coursework, or allocating small amounts of the workday for study time – could amplify the benefits of the course and help guide your employees toward success.

Motivate Your Employees Throughout Their Data Science Short Courses

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that being accommodating in order to help your employees study data science online is not only beneficial to them and their careers, but will also contribute to long-term gains for your organisation as you develop a more capable workforce. Thus, beyond just accommodating your employees’ training, it is in your interest to actively motivate and incentivise them!

(sept 20) study data science online.jpgRecognising employee achievements improves motivation and productivity

By promoting a workplace culture in which professional development training and the extensive effort it requires is acknowledged and praised, you can increase employee productivity and also encourage more team members to better their skills with data science training.

Do you want data analyst online training that works for your organisation, not the other way around?

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