3 Skills that Make Professionals with Data Security Certification a Huge Asset to Employers

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As businesses adapt to new cyber security threats, data security training has become a crucial professional asset. Since corporate cyber attacks typically target uninformed employees, businesses are increasingly calling upon their staff to minimize hacking risks.

Yet, even without a clearly defined threat, lax cyber security can have serious consequences, exposing businesses to unnecessary risk. A 2014 Kroll study found that 31% of security breaches resulted from costly but non-malicious employee mistakes.

From data mismanagement to weak passwords, the greatest risk is human error at all corporate levels. Eliminating these risks, data security training helps professionals increase their appeal to employers and assume greater responsibilities in the workplace.

Are you curious to know why data security courses are so beneficial to employers and employees alike? Read on to find out.

Data Security Training Helps Employees Identify Cyber Threats 

According to a 2015 Verizon study, 23% of email recipients open phishing messages, and 11% open the email's attachments. With data security training on their resume, professionals reassure employers that they will not be a cyber security liability. Data security training helps employees eliminate negligence, the breeding ground for both malicious and non-malicious security threats. With working knowledge of online security, professionals gain a significant advantage over uninformed competitors who might pose a security risk.

Businesses are keen to hire employees that help them secure their assets and avoid unnecessary risks. Beyond not being a liability, professionals with data security training can also identify a variety of security threats and immediately alert their employers. Data training helps professionals discern cyber vulnerabilities in their company's daily operations and offer potential remedies. 

Data Security Courses Help Employees Play a Larger Company Role

This data training also empowers employees to assume greater responsibilities in their workplaces, helping higher-ups manage resources and plan for contingency. Since data security is a concern throughout the corporate ladder, this training helps professionals grasp the bigger company picture, lending their services to colleagues at all levels.

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Data security training means a clear cost/benefit analysis of cyber security measures

Among their most important duties, trained employees can run a risk impact assessment of their organization. These assessments, which help senior management improve daily operations, draw on key data privacy course principles. Trained employees thus have the skills to improve top-down company policies, proposing training sessions and mitigation strategies tailored to specific cyber risks. With combined knowledge of the company and data security best practices, these employees can develop strategic and economical cyber security solutions for their employers.

Trained Professionals Help Employers Comply with Data Security Governance

The last decade has seen a surge in cyber regulations across all sectors. Knowledge of these regulations is not only crucial for a data security career, but also for employers hoping to stay within the lines. Employees with data security training help businesses integrate best practices and meet compliance standards that evolve with new security threats. Trained employees adapt their knowledge to company circumstances, including business sector and jurisdiction. 

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Data security has never been more important in establishing professional trust

Online security training helps professionals understand the complex intersection of law and data science. Data-trained professionals can protect their employers from non compliance and an increasingly costly misstep. Staying within cyber regulations also helps businesses become more secure, bolstering their industry standing and attracting new business.

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