3 Great Qualities of CPD-Certified Data Science Short Courses

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Professional development training is a great opportunity to take a step up in your career, fill any skill gaps, and potentially even gain the qualifications you need to change your career’s direction entirely. However, finding a course that will have such positive results can be challenging, with so many options available to choose from.

One excellent metric of a professional development course’s quality is certification as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course. For those interested in developing the skills they need for a career in data science, the Southampton Data Science Academy’s CPD-certified online course is one such option. Keep reading to learn about three unique ways that CPD-certified courses can benefit your career, and why this is the ideal track for data science training.

1. Combined Methodologies Make for Optimal Learning Opportunities

Courses and programmes of a wide range of methodologies – such as workshops, e-learning courses, technique sharing, conferences, and traditional courses – can receive CPD certification, so long as they contribute to academic and skill development for professionals. This helps to ensure that no matter what skills or knowledge you are hoping to develop, and no matter what your learning style, there is a CPD course that can meet your needs.

The Southampton Data Science Academy’s Fundamentals in Data Science (Technical) course, for instance, utilises a convenient and efficient online learning methodology that allows you to brush up your data science expertise without diverting too much time and attention away from the demands of your career. Furthermore, interactive methods like group discussions and exercises with your virtual classmates give you the added value of exchanging ideas with like-minded peers, allowing for a more well-rounded professional development experience.

2. CPD Courses are Timely and Job-Focused, Ideal for a Career in Data Science

As with any tech-related endeavour, data science is a cutting-edge discipline in and of itself. A professional who is interested in becoming a data analyst or data scientist needs to put in a lot of effort and training to anticipate developments in the profession and keep their skills up to date.

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Job-focused CPD training benefits you and is appealing to employers

One key criterion by which courses need to fulfil to gain CPD certification is that educational content aligns with CPD’s commitment to self-development and professionalism, as well as to the resolution of knowledge and skill gaps in fast-paced professional contexts. Thus, a course being CPD-certified is a good indicator that it was structured with the needs of your career, workplace, and employer in mind, rather than skills that would be more beneficial to hobbyists or niche researchers. As a result, CPD certification is widely recognised by employers, so they will be equally convinced of the merit of your training. 

3. Quality Control Lets You to Be Confident in CPD Data Science Short Courses

Finally, perhaps the most critical component of CPD certification for data science short courses is that they are subject to rigorous standards of quality and integrity, ensuring that they deliver the content and benefits that they advertise, and are relevant to the needs of ambitious professionals. Course and educational content is submitted to CPD, where it is then reviewed and formally certified by an experienced team of assessors.

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CPD-certified courses provide you with skills that will further your data science career

The Southampton course is developed and delivered through top-quality instruction by leading academics in the fields of data science and computing, allowing them to meet CPD’s high certification standards. Knowing that your prospective course has been assessed and approved by CPD standards will help you feel confident in your choice, and in the value it will add to your professional capabilities.

Still not convinced that CPD courses can benefit your career in data science?

Contact the Southampton Data Science Academy to learn more about our expert instructors and satisfied alumni.

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