3 Career Benefits of Pursuing Data Science Training

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Data science training can open up a new world of possibilities for your career

The volume of data in the world is estimated to grow at a rate of 40% every year. By 2020, it is expected that the amount of available data will be over 50 times larger than it is today.  As organisations around the globe look to take advantage of this exponential explosion in usable, actionable information, experts in data science have become increasingly important.

Data science professionals utilise a unique blend of technological, analytical, and communicative skills in order to make sense of the vast amounts of data at the disposal of their employers and figure out how it can be leveraged to its full potential.  As a relatively new discipline, individuals with this specialised skill-set are in short supply, but an increasing amount of data science training options are emerging to equip professionals with the expertise they need.

If you’ve been considering data science training, read on to find out what it could mean for the future of your career.

1. Professionals with Data Science Training Can Work in a Number of Industries

Data analytics has been instrumental in driving advances and increasing efficiencies in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology in recent years and its importance is only becoming more widespread.

In each of these areas, as well a number of other sectors, there is a growing need for individuals who understand the fundamentals of data, are capable of interpreting it and presenting the information in terms that other professionals can understand.  

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Organisations in all sectors need experts with data analysis skills

As a result, choosing to study data science online can open up a wide range of possibilities for your future career. You can choose to remain in your current industry and seek a more lucrative position, or cast a wider net and explore the possibility of moving into another field that interests you, potentially finding more rewarding work and enjoying a richer, more satisfying professional life.

2.   Data Scientists Are In Demand

With the explosion of demand for data scientists, there is currently a worldwide shortage of professionals with the requisite expertise. A report from TDWI research revealed that 46% of organisations felt they had inadequate staffing and expertise in the area.

To remedy this shortfall, new, well-paid data science positions are being created all the time, and demand shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Developed by experts in the field, the Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical) programme offered by Southampton Data Science Academy can put you in an ideal position to take advantage of this situation and access exciting new opportunities. The programme is also CPD certified, meaning you can be sure that it adheres to the highest possible standards, and that the training you receive will be practical, relevant, and career-focused.

3. Data Science Training Allows You to Play an Important Role in Your Organisation’s Future  

Regardless of where your career as a data scientist takes you, your new skills will make you a vital asset. As more organisations recognise the enormous potential of utilising data to improve their operations, data science has become increasingly integral to how they function on a daily basis. In the US, the incorporation of data science is already widespread in several industries, and organisations in the UK are anxious to update their practices to keep pace with the global market.

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Data science experts are a huge asset to employers

Data science training will give you the tools you need to help your organisation accomplish this goal, and promote growth in data science adoption in the UK. By learning how to write data collection and management scripts which transform your findings into practical, actionable insights, you can implement comprehensive data analysis processes across your entire operation, improving efficiency and performance and bringing it into line with global best practices.

Want to know more about data science online training? Contact Southampton Data Science Academy to speak to an advisor.

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