Reap These Social Media Benefits When You Study Data Science for Marketing

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Data analysis can transform your organisation’s social media presence

In 2017, the average amount of time spent on social media by internet users grew from 126 to 135 minutes a day. There seems to be no stopping the steady growth of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in capturing the time and attention of people around the world.

A business with an effective social media strategy in 2018 should be able to turn their presence on these kinds of networks into a driving factor in the acquisition of new contacts, leads and sales, be it through e-commerce or B2B sales. Parsing social media data effectively can result in a clearer picture of clients, better ability to meet their needs and concerns, and more fruitful relationships.

Study Data Science for Marketing and Recognise the Key Information for Sales

Study data science for marketing

Making sense of both the types and amount of information involved in online data is key

A marketer’s first major foray into web analytics can be bewildering. The sheer amount of stats and metadata produced by a single web browser visit can be substantial, and no company wants to miss the key data points that could lead to future growth.

With proper instruction though, you can quickly learn to parse the background metadata from the stats that truly matter. By applying the data science principals you learn through online training for digital marketers, crucial information like market segment, location groupings, client interest and time on site can be gathered. 

Grasping how to gather and identify this essential data will directly facilitate and boost more effective social media outreach that targets the clients whom your business can best provide a solution for, taking your social media profile from a mere communication channel to a sales driver.

Grasping Data Builds Better ROI and More Profitable Campaigns

The amount of key consumer profile information that can be gathered through relatively few online interactions is considerable. Once initial campaigns have been carried out, continued scrutiny of newly gathered data can make your overall sales processes infinitely more effective.

For example, the data may reveal that an existing client segment has been returning after buying Product A to buy an additional Product B in wintertime. A wintertime social media campaign could then capitalise on this and offer both Products A and B to leads who haven’t bought yet, resulting in increased sales. Such an insight may be next to impossible to spot organically amidst client records, but through identifying and lining up data points, social media campaigns can both pinpoint needs and increase sales.

Online Training for Digital Marketers Means a Smooth, Responsive Social Media Experience for Clients

blended learning data science training Rising consumer expectation regarding social media interaction with brands is an open sales door

Should you opt to study data science for marketing, it will soon become clear that proper social media data management can help you to shore up existing client relationships. If the data points to good engagement with a particular client set on a certain platform (e.g. business executives on LinkedIn), this should be where future engagement is planned and where your engagement metrics should be scrutinised.

Effective analysis of this information can then allow your organisation to predict customer behaviour, price your products or services strategically, and even personalise your offers.  With up to 95 percent of younger internet users expecting to be able to directly engage with brands on the likes of Facebook, the smooth transition from a casual social media interaction, to a lead, to a sale, is something that a firm understanding of data management can now deliver. 

Do you want to strengthen your digital marketing through smart data use?

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