10 data science and AI events for business leaders not to miss

By Bogi Szalacsi - Senior Associate - infoNation

Are you a data scientist wanting to improve your knowledge, or someone who wants to sharpen up on what you already know about data science?

We've curated a list of 2019 and 2020 events which help both audiences so you can start planning your calendar. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence conferences are the best places to discover the latest trends in these fields and they offer opportunities for building connections and networks of people who will fulfill your career and personal goals.

Here's our top choices for business leaders:

1. From April through October: 2019 Artificial Intelligence Conference Series, New York, Beijing, San Jose, London

Why you should attend:

Whether you live in Europe, North America or Asia, there will be one of these in your part of the World. O' Reilly are arguably the go-to media group for data science learning and this well established conference series brings together technology and business to explore opportunities in applied AI. Learn about the latest in machine- and deep-learning from bots and agents to voice and IoT interfaces and how to implement AI in real-world projects.

The Conference targets a wide range of topics, from AI impact on business and society, to implementing AI projects, models and methods. O' Reilly are veterans at convening thought leaders and practitioners in data and technology sectors and have been working hard to develop and grow a community in Asia. The AI community they have curated will share executive briefings, case studies and industry-specific applications. In 2019, O' Reilly will deliver four sessions on three continents: the first one being held in New York on 15-18 April 2019, followed by one in Mandarin Chinese in Beijing on 18-21 June, San Jose, CA on 9-12 September and London on 14-17 October. 

2. 25-26 April 2019: AI and Big Data Expo Global, London, UK

Why you should attend:

If you want to drive your business forward by implementing Big Data and AI, this expo promises to light your way. It will be a showcase of next generation technologies and strategies, with four co-located events (the IoT Tech Expo, the largest global gathering for the Internet of Things sector, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo), 24 conference tracks, 12,000+ attendees altogether, 500+ speakers and 300+ exhibitors.

Forward thinking brands are promised to be brought together with market leaders, AI & Big Data evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the impacts within Enterprise and Consumer sectors as well as development platforms and Digital Transformation opportunities.

The AI & Big Data Expo will entice over 4,000 visitors over the two days including IT decision makers, developers and designers, heads of innovation, chief data officers, chief data scientists, brand managers, data analysts, start-ups and innovators, tech providers, c-level executives and venture capitalists

3. 1-2 May 2019: ODSC Accelerate AI, East 2018, Boston, MA, USA

Why you should attend:  

This promises to be a big one, with 50 business sessions, 160 ODSC sessions, 200 speakers, 500 business delegates and 4500 attendees.

Their focus areas will include:

AI in Financial Services: Through case studies, talks, and discussions explore how thought leaders in finance, insurance, and banking are unlocking the potential of AI to accelerate the pace of change and gain competitive advantage in the financial services industry.

AI in Health Care and Pharma: Focusing on the practical application of AI in Health Care, Pharma, and Bio-Tech. Learn how AI is accelerating and enhancing these industries, from drug discovery to improved patient outcomes.

AI Cross Industry and Cross Enterprise: Hear and engage with top AI Industry experts as they present cases on the opportunities and challenges across major industries such as retail and auto and across the entire enterprise from HR to Sales.

4. 22-23 May 2019: Deep Learning for Robotics Summit, Boston, MA, USA

Why you should attend:

They claim to be the #1 Best Artificial Intelligence Conference for Business Leaders in 2018, "where AI meets the real world". If you want to learn about improving robotics via deep learning and creating the next generation of smart robots, Boston is the place for you in May 2019.

Discover advances in deep learning for robotics from leading influencers across research and industry. Learn from experts in reinforcement learning, computer vision, progressive NNs, autonomous learning, human-robotic interaction, imitation learning and much more.

This summit promises to be a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders, engineers and research scientists leading advancements in deep learning for robotics. You can learn from and connect with 200+ innovators sharing breakthrough research to create new frameworks for writing robot software.

5. 12-13 June 2019: The AI Summit, London, UK

Why you should attend:

This will be the flagship event of Tech Week in London next year and when they say big, they mean it. In its 4th Annual, edition, AI will take centre stage to TechXLR8: Europe's largest tech expo focused on Accelerating Business Transformation with Technology. You can expect to find 15,000 attendees, 6000 delegates, 400 speakers, 200,000 sq ft of expo, 185 sponsors and exhibitors and 20,000 networking meetings.

The AI Summit will give you the depth and breadth to light up your technology roadmap and bring your business into the 4th Industrial Revolution powered by AI. 

6. 19-20 June 2019: AI and Big Data Expo Europe, Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why you should attend:

This event is a showcase of next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI and Big Data in driving forward your business in 2019 and beyond.

The AI and Big Data Expo will bring together over 2,000 visitors over the two days including IT decision makers, developers and designers, heads of innovation, chief data officers, chief data scientists, brand managers, data analysts, start-ups and innovators, tech providers, c-level executives and venture capitalists.

Besides the six dedicated AI and Big Data Conference tracks, this Expo will be co-hosted alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the largest global gathering for the Internet of Things sector, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo. As a whole, the event will attract in excess of 10,000 attendees for two days of insightful content covering the whole ecosystem surrounding AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cyber Security and Cloud.

7. 20-21 June 2019: Applied AI Summit, San Francisco, CA USA 

Why you should attend:

If you ever needed an excuse to visit the city of tech by the Bay, this promises to be THE Artificial Intelligence conference for business leaders. The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in machine learning and their applications in business and society. 

A cross-disciplinary mix of industry leaders will share their business insights and lessons learned to provide actionable advice based on their own experiences, case studies and applications across industries such as transportation, manufacturing, retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

You can expect to mingle with 30 speakers, 200 leading technologists & innovators, participate in group brainstorming sessions and interactive workshops. You will have more than seven hours of networking opportunities and access later to all the filmed presentations.

8. 19 - 20 September 2019: AI in Retail & Advertising Summit, London, UK

A conference doesn't have to be monstrously big to be exciting or educational. For those in advertising and sales, the do-not-miss event of the year will be in London in autumn. The advertising industry joined the AI revolution early and it's been a pioneer of exciting solutions. Expect a smaller, cosier conference with a big bang. Industry leaders, influential technologists, data scientists and founders will discuss ways to improve advertising and the retail experience. So why wait until the competitors implement the groundbreaking advertising solutions: find out about them first.

9. October 9 - 10 2019: World Summit AI,  Gashouder, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Why you should attend:

The biggest names in the business: Google, Microsoft, Netfix are NASA are going to be in Amsterdam this October, side by side with the most exciting startups working on hot AI solutions. With 11 tracks of exciting learning opportunities, everyone interested in AI can find the right one. This is usually a well loved event for business leaders, developers, CDO's and innovators alike. It's not going to be a bone dry, boring 2 days in Amsterdam: this summit's  after-parties have been legendary. This year the after-party entertainment will be steamed up by DJ Sleeper who will fly in from Los Angeles to make sure everyone can dance the night away after a stimulating day of networking and learning. 

 10. January 2020: The ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, Kolkata, India

The conference on Data Sciences (CoDS) encompasses the areas of data analytics, machine learning and managing big data.

Why you should attend:

For over two decades, the International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD), modelled along the lines of ACM SIGMOD, has been the premier international database conference hosted in India by Divison ll of Computer Societ of India.

The conference on Data Sciences (CoDS) encompasses the area of data analytics, machine learning and managing big data.

11. January 2020: Data Science Conference, New York

Why you should attend:

They promise to help you transform your enterprise into a data science powerhouse, all while getting to hang out in Manhattan... and who can resist that. This is a unique peer-to-peer event for top data science minds.

Explore how to drive innovation within your business through a data-driven culture, build a world-class team, and utilize the latest innovation to solve some of the toughest problems facing corporate America. Hear from some of the world's greatest data science strategy minds, including Chief Data Scientists from GE, CIA, Verizon, and UnitedHealth Group.

12. March 2020: DataFest20, a festival of Data Innovation hosted across Scotland, UK

Why you should attend:

What goes best with kilts and whiskey? Data science, of course. Now in its third year, DataFest will showcase Scotland's leading role in data science and artificial intelligence on the international stage, while offering an unprecedented networking platform where you can interact with local and international talent, industry, academia and data enthusiasts. 

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