10 data science and AI events for business leaders not to miss in 2019

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 02-Nov-2018 10:00:00
By Bogi Szalacsi - Senior Associate - infoNation Are you a data scientist wanting to improve your knowledge, or someone who wants to sharpen up on what you already know about data science?
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How Data Science Training Pays Off for Your Organisation

Posted by Southampton Data Science Academy on 08-Aug-2017 11:43:00
Uncover the benefits of Data Science for your organisation No matter what kind of organisation you run—whether a corporation, a non-profit, a healthcare provider or otherwise—it is an organisation that produces and consumes data. Data science, best defined as a methodological field aimed at extracting knowledge and insights from large sets of data, is therefore an endeavour that holds great potential for the realisation of your organisation’s goals.
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